Privacy Policy

1. All information you provide on this website or any other place affiliated with us does not leave this website except in certain cases which are outlined in article 6.

2. Billing and payment details are solely used in the case of purchases and managing orders. That information is never given out to a third party except the third party which you have chosen to pay us through(example: Skrill)

3. Contact details are solely used to contact you concerning a topic involving our website. That information is never given out to a third party except in certian cases which are outlined in article 6.

4. You will only be asked to provide the above info by an official representative of Onlinefutcoinstore. Anyone else asking for your information is doing so unlawfully and is not affiliated with Onlinefutcoinstore.

5. We reserve the right to use your information in the following ways:

Internal record keeping
Management of orders/purchases
Information about new products/services/updates and changes to our company
To contact you concerning our website, your business with the website and your experience with it
The above ways are only used in order to improve our website/your experience and to help us proceed with this business in a lawful/efficient way

6. Any information ever given out to a third party has been approved by you or is required under law.

7. We undertake every means possible to protect your personal information

8. Your information is not out in the open and we do not share it with others not affiliated with Onlinefutcoinstore except in cases approved by you or required by law

9. You have the right to ask us to remove certain information about you from our database. This though, may affect your experience with our website and our ability to serve you properly

10. You have the right to enquire about any information we keep about you

11. You have the right to contact us if you believe any information we keep of you is incorrect or incomplete

12. Our website may contain links to third party websites or information not concerning an affiliate of Game gold tadings LTD. You are not required to visit these third party links or read about a group not affiliated with Game gold tadings LTD.

13. All payments you make to us are on a securely-based server and we never use this payment information without your permission.

14. Most of our payment options though are through a third party such as skrill. This solely done as an extension of our services. Those third parties also fully abide by our privacy policy.
15. This privacy policy is official as of May 7th 2014. It may be updated at any time.

16. You have the right to enquire about any changes to the policy or about the meaning of any article of this policy

17. This policy is applicable and in practice everywhere around the world and towards all customers. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.

18. All visitors have the right to request notification upon changes in our privacy policy.

19. The only piece of information we collect purposefuly to keep is your phone number. This is used solely to contact you in cases of order problems/payment issues. It is never given out to third parties.

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